This was for an idea I had for a sitcom set in the last of the Gold's Gym-type super-pump gyms, facing extinction by the Crossfit wave. From right to left- top row: Junior, a former football player; Thor, a current baseball player who thinks he's being very surreptitious about his steroid use; Linda, a champion female bodybuilder; Rick, a retired internet millionaire who took up extreme bodybuilding because he was self-conscious about his large nipples; Eric, a young guy who just started working at the gym; Erica, a jaded gym employee who's been there for years. Bottom row- Coco, an adult film actress who trains here because the bodybuilders are too obsessed with themselves to bother ogling her; General, the owner of the Crossfit-style gym next door; Captain, his second-in-command; Mack LaPants, the owner of the last super gym in the area.